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5 Car Safety Upgrades Under $50

As a car owner, safety is likely always at the forefront of your mind each time you get behind the wheel. While modern cars have worked hard to provide a slew of safety features that weren’t always available before, retrofitting new technology onto your existing vehicle can often be much less expensive than dropping monthly payments on a new car. If we’ve piqued your interest, here are 5 car safety updates you can install on your car for under $50 per part.

Car Emergency Kits

From breakdowns to dead batteries, having the resources needed to get you back on the road or safely wait for help is crucial. While the price of car emergency kits can vary drastically, you will likely be hard pressed to find one that tops out over the $50 price point. Most car emergency kits will include a flashlight, jumper cables, a tire repair kit and more. Find the one that most suits your needs and don’t leave home without it!

Improved Bulbs

Upgrading your vehicles bulbs will not only ensure you can see on dark roads, but it will also alert oncoming traffic that you are there. While there a wide variety of bulbs available on the market, it is important to find long-lasting and bright lights for the most impact. However, make sure that the bulbs you use aren’t blinding other drivers that may be on the road. If you need to upgrade your tail light bulbs, check out the AutoTrix 3157 Long Life Tail Bulbs to see if they fit your vehicle.

Backup Cam

While backup cameras were once thought of only as an expensive add on or feature in new cars, the technology has become surprisingly affordable in recent years. With a variety of options available for around $30 through various retailers, you are sure to find one that fits your budget. Protect your rear and avoid damage with these incredibly useful devices.

Dash Cam

Much like backup cameras, dash cams have become surprisingly affordable in recent years. Installing a dash can not only help protect your from steep penalties or fees that occur when an accident does occur, but it also can help you become more aware of what is happening around you while you drive. Keep a record of your excursions and provide evidence whenever it may be needed!

3rd Brake Light Flasher

The AutoTrix 3rd brake light flasher installs in minutes and can help to protect you from rear-end collisions caused by distracted drivers. With both wired options and dedicated plug-and-play options for various car models, you are sure to find the right fit for your vehicle. Our Brake Light Flasher will work on incandescent and LED lights and the module is water and shock resistant.

Why AutoTrix?

AutoTrix LLC is an aftermarket automotive electrical manufacturing company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and founded in 2007. We believe in building quality, American made and designed automotive electrical accessories. Bringing today’s technology to yesterday’s vehicle has always been our motto. We re-create modern day vehicle creature features in a way that can be installed into older cars and trucks.

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