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How Do You Protect Your Car Leather?

If you have leather seats in your car, you likely already know how important it is to regularly clean and condition them. Not only does this help avoid cracking and tearing, but it also ensures that your seats remain vibrant while retaining their original look and feel. Knowing how to properly treat your interior leather and what to apply to it is critical. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can protect car leather and some of the products we use and trust for our own vehicles.

For most people, protecting their car leather requires 3 distinct steps that can easily be completed once every 3 months. However, if you place a large amount of stress on your vehicle’s leather or are exposed to extreme temperatures, these steps may need to be completed more often to maintain your leather properly. Follow these steps and you can ensure that your leather interior remains pristine for years to come:

  • Vacuum Your Car Leather – Loose dirt and crumbs that settle into your leather can quickly create scratches if left alone. For this reason, it is important to vacuum your leather with a soft bristle attachment to loosen the dirt and lift it away from the leather. Do this gently to ensure you accidental scratches or tears are made during the process.
  • Use a Gentle Leather Cleaner – Before you can apply a conditioner to your leather interior, it is important to ensure that it has been cleaned with a gentle cleaner that primes the surface. While you may be tempted to just use soapy water, this could cause more harm than good. Ensure you are using a high-quality leather cleaner to avoid any problems in the future that could deteriorate your leather.
  • Condition Your Leather – Using a high-quality leather conditioner will ensure your leather remains supple and resists drying out. If you choose to use a cheaper leather conditioner, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t provide the same support. At AutoTrix, we trust and provide Prima Nourish Leather Conditioner for all car leather applications aside from nubuck or suede.

Why AutoTrix?

AutoTrix LLC is an aftermarket automotive electrical manufacturing company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and founded in 2007. We believe in building quality, American made and designed automotive electrical accessories. Bringing today’s technology to yesterday’s vehicle has always been our motto. We re-create modern day vehicle creature features in a way that can be installed into older cars and trucks.

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