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Improve Your Class-A RV with the AutoTrix Step Cover Module

There is nothing more annoying while on an RV trip than holding down the step well cover button while you wait for the cover or steps to finish their travel. Not only does this waste precious time you could be spending on the road to make record time, but it also makes it more likely that your button will wear out over time. To help improve your Class-A RV, AutoTrix proudly provides the step cover module for one-touch operation.

There are two distinct operation modes that may occur when pressing the step well cover button on your Class-A RV or motorhome. Some RV’s will have an articulating cover that extends out over the steps while others will have steps that articulate vertically to form a cover. No matter what mode of operation your Class-A RV takes, the AutoTrix Step Cover Module can easily be installed to improve your motorhome and make operation more efficient.

Once the AutoTrix Step Cover Module is installed, all you will have to do is press and release the button to provide automatic operation. Once the cover or steps finish their travel the module will instantly shut off to avoid extended use of your motors or step system that could lead to malfunction or degradation. As an added safety feature, our step cover module also features a 10-second auto shutoff function in the event of a failure.

While you will likely want to work with a mechanic to install the step module, AutoTrix provides two electrical diagrams for both installation scenario situations. View the RV Well Cover Express Module Motor Install Diagram or the Switch Install Diagram. For more information or to learn more about our products, please contact us. Thanks for considering AutoTrix for your next aftermarket automotive accessory!


Why AutoTrix?

AutoTrix LLC is an aftermarket automotive electrical manufacturing company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and founded in 2007. We believe in building quality, American made and designed automotive electrical accessories. Bringing today’s technology to yesterday’s vehicle has always been our motto. We re-create modern day vehicle creature features in a way that can be installed into older cars and trucks.

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