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Improving the Outdoor Experience with RV Accessories

While summer may be beginning to wind down, many outdoor aficionados will continue to take advantage of the cooler fall temperatures by taking a camping trip in their RV or motorhome. Before you hit the road on your next trip, we encourage you to consider some of the great products we have in stock designed to make your RV not only safer but also easier to use. In this article, we will explore some of the RV accessories provided by AutoTrix to help you in improving the outdoors.

3rd Brake Light Flasher

When driving a large vehicle like a motorhome, it is important to ensure that you are remaining responsible on the road for not only your own safety but the safety of other drivers around you. Unfortunately, technology has made the rise of distracted drivers inevitable and by them looking at their newest text message, they could rear-end you and cut your RV trip short. As one of our most popular RV accessories, AutoTrix sells a 3rd brake light flasher that can be installed in minutes to provide a visual braking alert to catch their attention quickly.


RV Step Cover Module

There’s nothing more annoying than having to hold down your step well cover button and waiting for it to finish its travel. After several RV trips of our own, we decided to find a better way to ensure that easy functionality and one-touch control was available. The AutoTrix RV Step Cover Module is designed to instantly shut off at the top or bottom of travel. As an added safety feature we have a built-in 10-second auto shut-off function.


Make the most of your upcoming trip into the outdoors with these unique products. With these added safety features and creature comforts in mind, you can focus on what really matters. Making memories! As with the other unique vehicle products we offer, all of the RV Accessories provided by AutoTrix include FREE domestic shipping!

Why AutoTrix?

AutoTrix LLC is an aftermarket automotive electrical manufacturing company based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and founded in 2007. We believe in building quality, American made and designed automotive electrical accessories. Bringing today’s technology to yesterday’s vehicle has always been our motto. We re-create modern-day vehicle creature features in a way that can be installed into older cars and trucks.

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