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Firebird Rear Blinker Kit


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Product Info

Why should the side marker lights on your car be stuck in the past?

With this kit you can enhance the safety and look of your car by making the side marker lights blink in unison with the front blinkers.

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Product Features

  • Added Safety
  • Added Modern Look
  • Blinks in unison with rear blinker
  • Easy 1 hour or less install time
  • Blinks when parking/headlights are on

Product Contents

  • Web based detailed graphical instructions
  • Rear Blinker Kit Harness
  • 7 Butt Connectors (2 more than you need, you might drop one.)

How it works

From the factory your side marker lights only illuminate when your headlights or parking lights are on. Installing our module will make that marker light blink when the blinkers are turned on.

Tools Needed

  • 10mm wrench / Socket with Ratchet
  • Wire Crimpers and Strippers
  • Electrical Tape (Optional)
  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Car Jack and Jack Stands or Lift