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Nero Rubber & Vinyl Protectant


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Product Info

Prima Nero is a water-based vinyl and rubber protectant for both interior and exterior surfaces. The appeal of Nero is its finish: it’s a concours-look with a matte silkiness on vinyl dashes and plastic trim. Nero leaves tires with a look of newness, adding almost no gloss. If you are looking for the glazed donut shine, Prima Nero is not for you.

UV inhibitors help defend against sun damage. Prima Nero is detergent resistant for excellent durability.

Product Features

  • Dress your dash, plastic and tires with an even matte finish
  • Protect your vinyl and plastic against harmful UV rays
  • Tired of high gloss dressings? Nero is your answer for a matte finish
  • Prevent vinyl off-gassing from creating a film on the inside of your windshield