Install Instructions

Tools Needed

  1. Disconnect your negative battery post and lay it aside.
  2. Remove all five visible screws from passenger door panel with a Phillips head screwdriver.
  3. Gently pry up your passenger window switch bezel, separating it from the door panel. Pry the connector off the switch and bezel; remove the handle bezel and the last door panel screw.
  4. Once all 6 door panel screws are removed lightly pull up on the whole door panel assembly to separate the panel from the door. The panel is held on by plastic hook tabs. * Do NOT pry door panel away from door, it slides off in an upwards motion*
  5. Next remove speaker screws. Remove and unplug speaker assembly.
  6. Carefully pull back plastic water guard. You do not have to completely remove.
  7. Remove kick panel screws (4) and kick panel assembly. *pull kick panel toward rear of car to dislodge*
  8. Remove lower passenger console cover. (2 plastic push in tabs and one metal retainer)
  9. Pop hood and remove PCM mounting bracket screws (2), pull PCM up and lay it aside.
  10. Remove the firewall grommet that is now exposed. Pull it out and poke a hole into the grommet large enough for the black and red wires to feed though, and then re-secure grommet to firewall.
  11. Take your black and red wire supplied with the kit and feed them though the hole you just made in the firewall grommet. * feed them together from the hood/outside area to the cab/inside car area.
  12. Pull wire leads into cab, route wires (2) toward passenger door. You will find a pass through behind where the kick panel was. Route your wires through this hole into the rubber tube in between the cab and the door. We were able to use a 14mm wrench to aid with feeding wires though the pass thru into the passenger door.
  13. Route wires along with factory wires leaving ends up with the window switch connector. Re-install your water guard and the door panel. The relays will end up stashed in the arm rest like the picture shows below. Make sure you cut all wires to fit inside the arm rest.
  14. Cut two wires, (both of which are on the connector for the passenger window switch) brown in cavity "E" and dark blue in cavity "D" of the window switch connector. Cut each at least 4 inches down from connector. Your window switch connector has six cavities; all cavities are labeled on the connector. A letter is usually cast into the plastic connector near the wire cavity it represents.
  15. Attach the eyelet terminal without insulation to your black wire and land it on your passenger wheel well. We used a factory ground stud.
  16. 93-97 Attach your eyelet terminal to the power stud on your passenger wheel well. Attach inline fuse holder to end of positive wire. Fuse holder must be within 6 inches of power source.
  17. 98-02 Route your Red wire across radiator support (in factory loom) to Positive Stud on the driver's side wheel well. Attach inline fuse holder to end of positive wire. Fuse holder must be within 6 inches of power source.
  18. Temporarily plug in your window switch, hook up your negative battery lead, turn on your ignition and test the operation of your passenger window.
  19. Re-install PCM, kick panel, door panel, and lower console cover.
  20. If you are having any trouble with your installation, please feel free to Contact Us. You may also find posts from people who have installed our kits on helpful, along with community input on your issue.