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The Benefits of an Automotive Electric Water Pump

While incredibly beneficial, automotive water pumps are often overlooked by the majority of car owners simply because they don’t understand them. However, without this crucial piece of technology, the majority of engines would overheat incredibly fast and lead to high repair costs. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of an automotive electric water pump and why it’s different than a traditional, mechanical water pump.

Before exploring the benefits an electric water pump provides, it is important to understand the difference between it and its mechanical alternative. By all accounts, a mechanical water pump functions on coolant and anti-freeze instead of actual water. Unfortunately, since it is mechanical it runs off of an engine belt that robs the car of performance in other areas. By incorporating an electric water pump, you have the ability to restore this power back to your fuel economy or horsepower by relying on battery power instead of the engine.

With an electrical water pump, you have the ability to determine how much coolant is begin used whenever the engine hits a certain temperature range. This makes it more efficient and responsive than its mechanical counterpart which may be providing too much coolant when it may not be needed given the current engine temperature. Unfortunately, this means that a mechanical water pump could be contributing to unnecessary wear on your engine components faster than necessary.

Are you considering adding an electrical water pump to your hotrod or car? Wiring the pump directly to your factory fuse panel can be dangerous but having a mounted relay with an in-line fuse can safely and properly power your Electric Water Pump. Our electric water pump relay kit is the last piece you need to complete your install! We invite you to learn more about this crucial product if you are ready to make the shift from mechanical to electric.


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