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The History of the Dodge Challenger

Few cars on the road are as eye-catching and noticeable as the Dodge Challenger. By retaining a retro look with modern features that car-lovers expect in newer vehicles, this iconic muscle car has stood the test of time and solidified its place in history. In this article, we will look at the history of the Dodge Challenger to determine why it is still a favorite on American roads.

The first official version of the Challenger released by Dodge was actually a special edition version of the Dodge Coronet in 1959. However, the first generation of Challengers came after the arrival of Chrysler’s Barracuda and the Ford Cougar in 1967. In response, Dodge created a 2-inch longer version of the Barracuda named “Challenger” in 1970.

In 1978, the next generation of the Dodge Challenger hit the streets as a mechanically identical version of the Mitsubishi Scorpion with an extra emphasis on sport styling, bright colors and tape stripes. While the second generation retained the frameless hardtop style, the smaller engine it had made it far less of a performer than the modern incarnations. However, it was still one of the first car models to bring a larger four-cylinder, 2.6L engine to American markets.

Originally unveiled at a North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the third, and most current, version of the Challenger originally started as a concept car. Although longer and taller than the first generation, this new era of the challenger had many of the same stylings of the first generation while incorporating modern stylings. While there are no new plans for another refresh of the Dodge Challenger, we are excited to see how new incarnations continue to pull from their historic and timeless roots.

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