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Universal Electrical Accessories

We started out creating specific products for specific vehicles. Starting with a clear problem and creating a remedy that could be purchased and easily installed. The Passenger Window Fix kit was our first product and perfect example. However as this car is sadly removed from our streets with every passing day we find our sales for this particular product has followed.

The introduction and development of universal electrical accessories that can be used on any car, truck, ATV or RV was a no brainer for us. We have since worked backwards on our products to create specific from universal. We created our own unique design for our 3rd brake light flashers and from that universal design; tailored a specific plug and plug kit for specific car models.

With the rot rod and car enthusiast customer mentality it makes sense for us to also include a universal water pump relay kit. When you are trying to reduce crankshaft drag for your car installing an electric water pump is great option. However most electric water pumps do not include a power switching relay kit. Our electric water pump relay kits are complete and include quality DOT approved part.

New to the game is our universal tail light sequencer kit. We have had great popularity and results with our in-house american made sequential tail light modules that it also meant it was time for us to make this kit more universal. Now you can install our sequential tail light modules on any tail light system with 2-3 duel element bulbs.

5-pin automotive relays, electrical wire loom, car wax and other items are now also available on our store with free US shipping. Please let us know if there are any other universal car accessories that you would like to see us carry or create. is a manufacturer and reseller of universal electrical accessories for cars, trucks and RV’s.

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