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Chevy Camaro to End Production in 2023

According to recent reports from undisclosed GM sources, the iconic Chevy Camaro may be currently in its last ride. After unveiling Generation six in 2016, this beloved car model hasn’t made any significant updates since and production is seemingly slated to end in 2023. While there is no clear sign of what will happen once this deadline is reached, many indications are pointing the to end of this iconic pony car. Let’s take a look at what we know so far.

In a recent statement received by Motor1, GM responded that they don’t want to engage in speculation but recently announced updates would be coming to the Camaro line up this fall. While this isn’t concrete evidence that the Camaro is going to end, it’s still not readily clear about the direction that GM plans to take with the car. With steadily declining sales, it is unlikely that the Camaro will continue to take a hit if things don’t turn around in the coming years.

While the future of the Chevy Camaro may be uncertain, there is no denying that classic car lovers everywhere will continue to seek out this prized vehicle. If nothing changes, it is very likely that this famous car will take its final lap and their efforts will be shifted to other vehicles that perform better in a challenging marketplace. In the meantime, AutoTrix will still continue to provide many popular items for these cars including the iconic Passenger Window Fix Kit and Express-Down Kit.

The GM F-body contained many great cars including the Pontiac Firebird, Trans Am and the Chevy Camaro. Our team works hard to develop a variety of parts that can help restore or maintain your 1992-2002 Chevy Camaro. Even if production does end in 2023, we will still strive to provide the products you need to keep your prized car in pole position.


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