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Window Fix with motors Bundle Kit

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Driver Window Express Down Module - Included

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GM Window Lift Motors - Included × 2

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Passenger Window Express Down Module

Passenger Window Fix Kit Bag

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Product Info

The ultimate 1993-2002 Camaro and Firebird electric window repair kit. This kit has almost everything you would want if you are planning on fixing your Camaro or Firebird electric windows.

Factory wiring setup in your 1993-2002 Camaro or Firebird sends low voltage to your passenger window motor, especially when both windows are operated simultaneously. The low voltage causes your motor brushes to wear prematurely which creates more resistance resulting in slow rolling windows that sometimes don’t fully close. This added resistance causes the motors internal breaker to trip before it gets the window rolled up.

The AutoTrix Window Fix Kit with motors bundle gives you everything you need to route power directly from the battery to the window motor, gives you one-touch express down functionality and ensures GM window motor bliss.

Product Features

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • One touch auto down
  • Fix and prevent slow rolling motors
  • Prolong window motor life

Bundle Contents and Options

(1) AutoTrix Driver Side Express Down Kit
(2) Dorman Window Motors

To complete the bundle you will need to select what product you want to apply to the Passenger Side Window. You will only need to select one option for the passenger side, either the Passenger Window Fix Kit or the Passenger Window Express Down Module. The Passenger Express Down Kit has all of the same protection as the original Passenger Window Fix Kit except you will now have the luxury of one touch down operation for your passenger side window. This one touch feature can be used from both the drivers side window switch and the passenger side window switch. Once you select an option for the passenger side above you can complete your purchase.

(1) AutoTrix Passenger Window Fix Kit
– OR –
(1) AutoTrix Passenger Express Down Kit

Dorman Window Motors

  • Stringently tested for fit and function before being included in our product line
  • Designed to be OE direct fit motors that fit and function exactly like the OE equivalent
  • A quality part backed by a Dorman limited lifetime warranty
  • Hardware Included
  • This motor will work on either driver or passenger side
Kit Options

Basic bundle, Premiere bundle

Driver Window Express Down Module - Included


Kit Only, With window motor

Passenger Window Express Down Module

Kit Options

Kit Only, With window motor

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  1. Really good product my window work as if they were new

  2. Came in a very timely fashion. Thank you! Now if you could just send a person to install it, that would be great 🙂

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